How does Addoor´s digital advertising work?

More than 90 buyers and their respective advertisers are bidding in real-time for Addoor´s adhered Publishers´ advertising inventory. It is a bidding system that maximizes the performance of the Publishers´advertising spaces, guaranteeing this way the best eCPM. There are always active campaigns. You could start earning money from the very first moment you start working with us.

How can I start cooperating with Addoor?

If you want to monetize your advertising inventory with us, you just have to fill in this short webform. We will answer your request as soon as possible, asking for some more information if necessary and sending you the access keys needed to enter our reporting platform and the tags to start working with us.

Are all kind of websites accepted or there are some restrictions?

In order to guarantee the best results to all our Publishers, we need the buyers to trust Addoor´s advertising inventory, so there are some types of websites that we can´t accept:

  • Websites with adult content or pornography.
  • Download websites and live transmissions.
  • Websites without any content that show ads only.
  • Websites that encourage the obtaining of advertising performance in a fraudulent manner
  • Websites which are not updated, not finished or those with expired domains
  • Websites that don´t meet Addoor´s Legal Terms and Conditions.

I have several sites. Is it possible to include all of them?

It is not a problem. You could work with several sites with the same user. If you are a content network, you could install one tag for the whole network or you could work the sites independently. We could report separate incomes for each of them in order you to be able to identify each site´s performance.

Can I work with Addoor and with other digital advertising providers at the same time?

We are web monetization experts and our main interest is that Publishers obtain the best possible performance on their advertising inventory, so we don´t require any type of exclusivity in order to allow our Publishers to combine several providers and to obtain a better eCPM average. Unity creates strenght! Nevertheless, we will make the effort to give you best results and to be your main provider.

Is Addoor compatible with Google Adsense?

Our advertising is totally compatible with Google Adsense and other products of Google, in fact Doubleclick is one of our buyers. You shouldn´t be worried about that.

Is there a minimum stay commitment?

You are the one who decides when to start and terminate the relationship with Addoor. There is no a minimum stay for you to test our services. However, we will ask you for some patience; if in 2-3 days you don´t see the expected results, don´t feel discouraged. We need to analyse your inventory, to connect buyers, to establish floor prices, etc…there is a lot of work for our team in order to get the best results.

Is there a minimum billable amount?

For now there isn´t. We are aware that other platforms establish minimum billable amounts, for example, 50€, but we don´t practice this for now and you could bill us for whatever amount you want to. However, if the amounts are small, it is recommendable to group these credit lines in a three-month invoices., in order to optimize our time. It will help us.

Can I monetize my advertising inventory outside of Spain with Addoor?

We have some demand to cover advertising inventory with IP LATAM, México, United States, UK and some other European countries. So we do work with IPs outside of Spain and this is a point in favour for many Publishers that have almost 50% of their inventory with IP LATAM.

What is Addoor´s average eCPM?

It depends. With many Publishers we work with the objective of monetizing 100% of their ad inventory or 100% of the impressions of several ad spaces on their website, with others we work with floor prices, establishing a minimum eCPM. We analyse the bids on your advertising inventory and jointly define which is the most profitable way to collaborate with you.

What is Addoor´s fill-rate?

We cover 100% of the inventory when we don´t establish floor prices. If we agree a minimum CPM, the higher it is, there always will be impressions that our buyers (although we have a lot), won´t be interested in buying. Nevertheless, don´t worry, those impressions that we can´t monetize, you will be able to monetize with another provider thanks to the passback that we set up: i.e. we make a call to an alternative code to another of your providers in order for them to monetize them and for you to have your 100% fill rate guaranteed.

What remuneration model does Addoor work with?

Addoor works with revenue share, always favouring the Publisher. We think this is the right model, so we all are aligned with the same objective: to monetize more and better.

How can I know how much am I earning?

The profitability of all advertising formats we work with is reported in, based on previous day. For every ad format you will find information about the impressions we monetize, the eCPM and the daily generated profit. All the information necessary in order to control your incomes well.

What kind of campaigns does Addoor have?

Most of Addoor´s campaigns are on CPM basis (Cost per thousand impressions). That means that no matter how small your website is, you will start earning money from the very first moment. We also have a CPC campaigns (Cost per click), however they are linked to the Publishers only when the eCPM they generate is acceptable. i.e when they generate reasonable incomes for the webmaster. Our objective is that the Publisher always obtains the best possible eCPM.