Addoor: handling digital advertising since 2003

It is said that surviving in the Internet industry is equal to surviving 3 years  in any other sector. Addoor have been in this place of constant technological change for several lives already. During these 11 years the advertising panorama in Spain has experienced a huge evolution and we have evolved with it…a path of progress, the search for new niches as well as tireless work to earn our market position.

The result: thousands of campaigns served, partnership with more than 3000 Publishers, more than 100 individual talents, trained in the “pool” of Addoor…

However, Addoor is something more: a team that walks in the same direction. Professionals that could affirm “Yes, we could do it” when they are talking with a client. A team that believes in the project of their partners.

We love the constant effort to reinvent outselves, the challenge and the change management. We love teleworking and Internationalization.

But what INSPIRES us is the Internet and the Big Data Universe. We would love to share this passion with you. Let´s talk?


Addoor es una marca del empresario y emprendedor César Nuñez

Addoor is a project of the entrepreneur César Nuñez