Find out why to start a partnership with us

Display advertising is constantly changing. What was sold by commercial departments before, now is operated by machines. Paradoxically, in the era of the robots, people are more needed than ever.

It is more important than ever that the machines are governed by people sensible to the needs of the Publishers. A partner that takes care of their interests and that answers their questions. A partner that has the ideas and the know-how about how to generate and optimize the incomes of its websites. Since 2003, Addoor has been managing advertising campaigns for more than 3000 websites and content networks.

If you have worked hard to raise your traffic, we will help you to increase your incomes.


Benefits that you could obtain with us

  • Access to a wide portfolio of advertisers and campaigns
  • Advertising incomes without a minimum billable
  • Capacity to incorporate non-conventional formats with a major eCPM
  • Access to our Publishers´platform with  real time control of your incomes
  • Permanent advice and  fast resolution of incidents
  • Compatibility with other digital advertising providers
  • Capacity to fill in a 100% of your advertising inventory
  • Possibility to work with floor price (in order to sell your ad spaces with a eCPM minimum)

95% of the Publishers that have worked with Addoor continue with us.

Neither contracts nor exclusivity clauses needed!