Addoor: your ally for making the traffic to your website profitable

The new data driven trend in digital advertising offers endless opportunities to earn money for those Publishes that know how to make use of it. It is above all an opportunity for the “long tail” websites to demonstrate that their audience is as valuable as that  of the big portals and newspapers. In just a few steps they could have access to advertising campaigns that until now were reserved for a few sites only.

If you give us a chance, we could be your partner in this new reality and guide you towards the optimal monetization of your website. Make the most of it!

We offer you the possibility to monetize through:

  • SSP: conventional formats
  • Native advertising formats
  • Inlinks: contextual advertising
  • Programatic Premium
  • Pre-roll
  • Mobile… etc

More than 90 buyers bidding for your inventory in real time


We will consult you for free on how to make at very most of your advertising spaces