Effective date: 25.05.2018

Addoor´s main objective regarding its Privacy Policy is to provide the user with the greatest possible transparency and control concerning the use of the data we obtain. Our commitment is to protect this information. That´s why in the current document we will provide a brief overview regarding if we collect site visitor information in our site, what kind of data we collect, if we use that information or disclose it with third parties and how the site visitor can exercise its right regarding the treatment of its personal data.

*Information we collect from our site visitors

The information we collect is based on the interaction of the user with our web site. For example, every time a site visitor fills out our contact form, leaves a record of its email address, name, telephone number (information of not compulsory fulfillment) and website or company.

In addition, we could collect site visitors information from third parties, such as web analytics companies. This kind information could include users’ operation system, how the visitor accesses our site (whether it is via desktop or mobile), where the visit comes from, the day and the hour of this visit, etc.

* How we use this information?

We use the site visitor information for the following purposes:

Establishing contact with a site visitor, interested in our services and products. When a visitor leaves us his email address and/or telephone number, we have the possibility to contact him in order to provide him with information regarding our services and products.

– Marketing and Advertising: There is a possibility to use that kind of information (with the express prior authorization of the user) in order to offer him news and offers of our company, as well as for other marketing aims.

– Analyzing use of our site: to better understand how visitors interact with the site.

*This information will be disclosed with third-parties?

The information we collect will not be disclosed with third-parties, except when we have to comply with the applicable legal obligations.

*Links in the Addoor´s corporate site that lead to external web pages

Addoor´s corporate web could contain links to other pages through the logos of Publishers and Advertisers we include. Once the visitor clicks on them and abandon our site, Addoor won´t be responsible for the theirs personal data treatment on those webs. Neither will exercise control over them.

*Who will be in charge of the treatment of the site visitors personal data?

The Spanish company Addoor Latinmarkets SL will be the responsible of the treatment of the site vistors personal data that are provided by them on this page and will be in charge of the aforementioned personal data in compliance of the relevant regulation in the terms of data protection.

Addoor Latinmarkets SL

15, Paseo de la Habana,str.

Madrid, 28036



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*Users` rights regarding personal data treatment

– Right of access:

Any person is entitled to obtain confirmation if we treat his personal data or not. To this effect, please write us to

– Right of suppression:

The site visitor can exercise at any moment his right to be suppressed from our data base, writing as to

– Right of complaining before the relevant control authority:

If the site visitor considers that Addoor is treating his personal data in a wrong manner, he is entitled to present a complaint before the relevant data protection control authority.

*Under-age site visitors

We don´t deliberately collect personal data of under-age visitors (under 18 years old). If you are the parent or the legal guardian of a minor child and would like to know if we come with the personal data of this minor, please write us to