mguel-gaton“Thanks to one of the native formats that Addoor is representing, we have achieved the monetization of our websites with an extra source of incomes that allows the integration of advertising and content in a very respectful way for the users ” actualidad-blog Miguel Gatón, Director of Marketing & Sales Department

javi-fernandez“When we were contemplating the best option in order to monetize our traffic, the idea of joining Addoor´s network was one of the possibilities that we were considering. Now, looking back, we are convinced of having taken the right decision, since from the very first moment we have obtained better results, increase of revenues and a totally personalized and fast customer service for all our questions and any proposal we make to them” anuncios-mtb Javi Fernandez, Founder and Marketing Director

portraits-javier-vicente“Our aim is to offer to our readers the chance to have access to quality content with non-intrusive advertising of the right level and that, besides providing us with a good profitability, adds value to our readers. We have achieved this with Addoor, because of the transparency, the trust and the promptness that they have given to us since the very first moment.”


Javier Vicente, Founder

Carlos Lopez“Besides local advertisers, we took the decision to work with national advertising agencies in order to monetize our websites. ADDOOR was one of the firsts we discovered, as by far they have provided us best results and excellent customer service. Our sensation working with them is of a total collaboration and a mutual profit as this could be seen in their implication level in every question we set out to them.”


Carlos López González, Marketing & Communication Director

  Virginia-Agar“Addoor has provided us with an extra source of income and some good contextual references (a balance between advertising and content) but above all we have a partner that we are able to work  closely with in spite of the distance. You won´t feel alone” andalucia Virginia Agar, Head of Online and offline

portraits-mauro-calza“In Addoor we have found a trusted partner for monetizing our websites since they count with a competent base through a well-prepared human team”

Mauro Calza, Founder and Marketing Director

eugenio-estrada“We met Addoor just when we were looking for new ways to monetize our websites. Due to their native format we have reached not only improvement of our incomes but also raised the page views thanks to the fact that their recommendations are very valuable. In addition, thanks to their display network we had the chance to extend our banners coverage.” difoosion Eugenio Estrada, Founder and CTO

eugenio-estrada“We discovered Addoor by chance some 5 years ago and since then, we haven´t stopped to work with them. Without any doubt, it is a good way to monetize your blogs when you are looking for alternative formats and different advertising channels that are varying from the standard ones saturating us all over the Internet. It is an excellent extra source of profits that allows you to integrate all advertising formats without disturbing the users and respecting the content in every moment.”


Ángela Villarejo, Shareholder and Co-Founder

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